Update on 2012 Releases

Initially Apple approved and released three of our 2012 updates (NY Penal Law, NY Vehicle & Traffic Law, and NY CPLR), while rejecting the rest of our releases.

We just received a call from Richard of Apple’s Worldwide Developer Relations who told us that Apple will release another seven of our 2012 updates.

So this is progress, but we told Richard that we need to have all of our 2012 updates released (most immediately, for California, New York, and Texas). ¬†Richard told us that it was a “one-time exception” for seven of our apps, but he will see what he can do and get back to us Monday.

Here’s to hoping that Apple will do the logical thing and release all of our 2012 updates rather than a random selection of them.

** Update: The seven apps Apple approved are now available in the app store.  While we are waiting for the rest, here are the seven that have just been approved and released.  To help with upgrading, the price for these apps will be discounted until January 20th:

  1. 2012 CA Penal Code
  2. 2012 CA Vehicle Code
  3. 2012 NY Criminal Procedure Law
  4. 2012 NY Domestic Relations Law
  5. 2012 NY Family Court Act
  6. 2102 NY Surrogate’s Court Procedure Act (SCPA)
  7. 2012 NYPD Patrol Guide
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