Apple Rejects Additional 2012 Updates

After first approving three of our 2012 releases, then rejecting others, then approving seven of our 2012 releases last week, Apple is once again rejecting our apps.  They have just rejected the following 2012 releases:

  • 2012 CA Code of Civil Procedure
  • 2012 CA Evidence Code
  • 2012 CA Family Code
  • 2012 CA Health and Safety Code
  • 2012 CA Labor Code
  • 2012 CA Welfare and Institutions Code

This puts our business at risk and is confusing to our users.  Since 2009 our users have been able to depend on getting updates from us for new laws, but Apple is making that impossible for 2012.  Not only are they making it impossible they are doing this in an inconsistent and confusing manner where some 2012 releases are approved without issue and others are rejected.

Unfortunately the only way to sell apps (without requiring users to jailbreak their devices) is through the Apple run app store.

If you would like to see our apps released including these and other updates for Texas, Louisiana, New York, Florida, or states we are not currently supporting please join our twitter page @PDAWizard, send us a message through the contact us link on our webpage, and/or consider sending an email to Apple’s CEO Tim Cook.

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