Apple Approves Five Of Our 2013 Apps

We are pleased to report that today Apple reconsidered and approved five of our 2013 Apps for New York and California.  The following apps were approved today and are available now in the app store:

To help people with upgrading from earlier releases of these Apps for the iPhone/iPad we will be discounting the prices on these apps through February 15th.

Apple Reconsiders

We are very pleased that these apps have finally been approved.  We had expected to make a very different announcement today, since on Friday (January 25th) we did finally receive a call from Apple and during that call we were told that Apple would not publish our 2013 updates.

We have not received any further communication from Apple since that call last Friday other than a surprise automated notice today that after a month of being in limbo these apps were going live.

We are sorry for any inconvenience to our users caused by this situation.  We understand how important having access to the latest statutes is for our users and hope that going forward Apple will work with us in getting out our releases in a timely manner.

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