Problem with Jan 5, 2015 Updates

Our January 5th, 2015 updates have a problem that is causing four of our apps to either crash or otherwise be unable to display pages of the code. On January 6th we released a fix to Apple and requested an expedited review. The fixed updates will be available as soon as Apple completes their review process and releases our new updates.

The four affected apps are:

  • NY Civil Practice Law & Rules (NY CPLR)
  • NY Criminal Procedure Law
  • NY Vehicle and Traffic Law
  • CA Health & Safety Code

If you have not yet updated, please skip the 15.0 updates for these apps that came out on January 5th.  No other apps were affected, and the problem will be resolved as soon as Apple approves and releases our fix.

We apologize for any inconvenience this problem has caused.

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