Problem Updating Statutes on iOS?

Some of our users have reported a problem when trying to update their apps to the 2020 Statutes. They are tapping on the “Upgrade to 2020 Statutes…” link, but are not getting any response.

The problem is happening because Apple’s App Store servers have been slow to update. The ability to make this In App Purchase was supposed to be live at the same time the app was released.

If you tried to purchase the 2020 Statutes via In App Purchase and did not get the popup you will need to either reboot your iPhone/iPad or force close and restart our app before trying it again. It should be working now, or at least within an hour or two of this posting.

We are sorry for any inconvenience.

Compatibility with iOS 11

We have received a few questions about our apps compatibility with iOS 11. All of our apps released since 2014 are fully compatible with iOS 11.

Some people are running releases of our apps from 2013 or earlier.  These older apps (2013 and earlier) are no longer being updated, and unfortunately the changes Apple has made to iOS 11 will no longer allow these older apps to run.  If you wish to continue using one of these older apps you will need to stay with an older release of iOS. Only 2014 or later releases of our apps will work with iOS 11.

Updates For 2016 Are In Progress

We have been releasing our 2016 updates to Apple, and currently have 12 apps in Apple’s review queue with more being released to Apple on a daily basis. These 2016 releases include updated statutes for New York, California, and support for statutes from the 84th Legislature for Texas.

These updates will be available in iTunes as soon as they complete Apple’s review process. Unfortunately we don’t have any control over the review time, but do expect to see these updates available in the app store later this month.

2015 Updates for iOS

The following California and New York 2015 updates for iOS are now available in the app store. 2015 updates for Android will be available shortly.

Unlike previous years, if you own one of our 2014 releases you can upgrade your statutes to 2015 directly in the app via an in app purchase. Your current settings and bookmarks will be unaffected. If you have one of our 2013 or older releases, getting the 2015 release will require a new purchase.

First 2015 Updates for iOS

Apple just approved four of our updates for 2015. Other updates are in the review queue awaiting approval. Unlike previous years, rather than needing to purchase a new app, you can now upgrade the statutes directly within the app via an in-app purchase. You will be able to keep all of your previous settings and bookmarks.

Users who initially purchased a version 15.x release of one of these apps will receive the updated statutes for free. Users who purchased a 2014 release of the app can upgrade their statutes to 2015 via an in-app purchase at a discounted price.

The apps just approved by apple are listed below:


Fix For Jan 5th Update Now Available

Our Fix for the problems caused by our January 5th update was just approved and released by Apple.  If you installed the January 5th update and have been experiencing problems, please check for the new update to release 15.10.

Please be aware that it can take a couple of hours for the update to become available in the App Store.

Problem with Jan 5, 2015 Updates

Our January 5th, 2015 updates have a problem that is causing four of our apps to either crash or otherwise be unable to display pages of the code. On January 6th we released a fix to Apple and requested an expedited review. The fixed updates will be available as soon as Apple completes their review process and releases our new updates.

The four affected apps are:

  • NY Civil Practice Law & Rules (NY CPLR)
  • NY Criminal Procedure Law
  • NY Vehicle and Traffic Law
  • CA Health & Safety Code

If you have not yet updated, please skip the 15.0 updates for these apps that came out on January 5th.  No other apps were affected, and the problem will be resolved as soon as Apple approves and releases our fix.

We apologize for any inconvenience this problem has caused.

2014 Louisiana Apps for iOS and Android

We have updated Louisiana Apps with the latest revised statutes now available for Android and iOS. To help people with upgrading on iOS and in celebration of our new Android releases we will be discounting the prices on these apps through May 15th.

For iOS, our 2014 Louisiana Apps are available at the followings links:

For Android, our 2014 Louisiana Apps are available at the following links:

2014 Texas Apps for iOS and Android

Our 2014 Texas Apps fully updated with statutes from the 83rd Legislature are now available for iOS and Android.

For iOS, our 2014 Texas apps are available in the App Store at the following links:

And for Android, our 2014 Texas apps are available in the Google Play Store at the following links:

More 2014 Releases for iOS Now Available

We’ve just had a batch of our 2014 releases approved by Apple.  These are all available now in the App Store, and we are discounting prices on them through the end of the month.

2014 New York Apps Now Available (discounted through Jan 31st)

2014 California Apps Now Available (discounted through Jan 31st)

Other 2014 release are in process and will be available soon.