More 2014 Releases for iOS Now Available

We’ve just had a batch of our 2014 releases approved by Apple.  These are all available now in the App Store, and we are discounting prices on them through the end of the month.

2014 New York Apps Now Available (discounted through Jan 31st)

2014 California Apps Now Available (discounted through Jan 31st)

Other 2014 release are in process and will be available soon.

2014 NY Penal Law and VTL Now Available

Happy New Year!

The 2014 releases of our New York Penal Law and New York Vehicle and Traffic Law Apps have been approved by Apple and are available for purchase now.  We are discounting the price on these apps through the end of January.

The rest of our 2014 updates should be approved soon.  We will post as they become available.

Thank you for your support, and have a great 2014!