Problem in 2016 Releases with Bookmarks Display on iOS 9.x Devices

Our 2016 releases have a problem with the Bookmarks display on iOS 9.x devices.  Devices running iOS 8.x and earlier are not effected. There is also a problem with creating bookmarks and printing on iPad devices.  We are working to release a fix to Apple as soon as possible.


Updates For 2016 Are In Progress

We have been releasing our 2016 updates to Apple, and currently have 12 apps in Apple’s review queue with more being released to Apple on a daily basis. These 2016 releases include updated statutes for New York, California, and support for statutes from the 84th Legislature for Texas.

These updates will be available in iTunes as soon as they complete Apple’s review process. Unfortunately we don’t have any control over the review time, but do expect to see these updates available in the app store later this month.