Bug fix for 2022 Releases in Progress

Our 2022 New York and California releases have an issue that affects some of our apps that were originally purchased in 2016 or earlier, and can cause the app to crash on startup. We are in the process of releasing updates that fix this problem. Apps that were originally purchased in 2017 or later are not affected.

The fix is available in version 22.05 and will be in the app store soon.

We’re Back!

Sorry about the long delay, but we are very happy to be back and our updates for 2022 are currently being published to the app store! We hope to all of our available apps updated by the end of this week, and will be publishing a list of the updates apps soon.

Other developers have been reporting problems of In-App Purchases taking a while to be recognized by the App Store. If you try to updated to our 2022 Statutes via In-App Purchse and do not get a popup, please wait a few hours then try again after restarting your phone/tablet.

Problem Updating Statutes on iOS?

Some of our users have reported a problem when trying to update their apps to the 2020 Statutes. They are tapping on the “Upgrade to 2020 Statutes…” link, but are not getting any response.

The problem is happening because Apple’s App Store servers have been slow to update. The ability to make this In App Purchase was supposed to be live at the same time the app was released.

If you tried to purchase the 2020 Statutes via In App Purchase and did not get the popup you will need to either reboot your iPhone/iPad or force close and restart our app before trying it again. It should be working now, or at least within an hour or two of this posting.

We are sorry for any inconvenience.

2019 New York Apps for iOS now available

Our 2019 updates for the following apps for iOS are now available in the App Store

We hope to have the 2019 California updates for iOS as well as more of our NY apps available soon.

In the past we have had low sales on Android so were unable to justify the cost in keeping those apps updated. Given the changes in the marketplace and much wider adoption of Android devices we will be revisiting this and hope to make 2019 updates available for Android.

Compatibility with iOS 11

We have received a few questions about our apps compatibility with iOS 11. All of our apps released since 2014 are fully compatible with iOS 11.

Some people are running releases of our apps from 2013 or earlier.  These older apps (2013 and earlier) are no longer being updated, and unfortunately the changes Apple has made to iOS 11 will no longer allow these older apps to run.  If you wish to continue using one of these older apps you will need to stay with an older release of iOS. Only 2014 or later releases of our apps will work with iOS 11.

2016 CA Heath & Safety Code and CA Labor Code Added to Google Play Store

We have also published the 2016 CA Health and Safety Code, and CA Labor Code in the Google Play Store. If you have an older (pre-2016) Android version getting these apps will require a new purchase, however we are discounting the price on them until March to help people with upgrading.


2016 Android Apps Now Available in Google Play Store

The following 2016 Apps are now available. If you have an older (pre-2016) Android version getting these apps will require a new purchase, however we are discounting the price on them until March to help people with upgrading.


Problem in 2016 Releases with Bookmarks Display on iOS 9.x Devices

Our 2016 releases have a problem with the Bookmarks display on iOS 9.x devices.  Devices running iOS 8.x and earlier are not effected. There is also a problem with creating bookmarks and printing on iPad devices.  We are working to release a fix to Apple as soon as possible.