Help – Searching

Here are some tips for searching in our Legal Reference Apps

Note that by default “Partial Matching” is turned on, so entering a word like off will match any word that starts with off, including offer, officer, etc. If partial matching is turned off you can get the same behavior (as described below) by adding a *, to the search, i.e., entering off*.

1. To find matches for one or more keywords, just enter them in the search field:
Entering: apple banana
Will match pages that have both the word apple and banana anywhere on the page

2. To find a section of the code, simply enter the section number, and that code (plus any sections that reference it) will be found.
Entering: 459
Will find section 459 as well as any sections that reference it. The matching sections will be listed in numerical order.  If you want to search specifically for § 459, see tip #7 below.

3. To exclude pages with a certain keyword, put a “-” in front of the keyword
Entering: apple -banana
Will matches pages that have the word apple, but don’t have the word banana

4. To find pages that contain one keyword or another, type “OR” between the keywords
Entering: apple OR banana
Will match pages that have the word apple or the word banana

5. And to match a specific phrase enter the phrase in quotes
Entering: “an apple a day”
Will match pages that contain the phrase an apple a day.

6. To match a partial word, put a “*” after the partial word
Entering: app*
Will match apple, appliance, apps, and any other word that starts with “app”

7. Also, entering the word section will match the section symbol §, so
Entering: “section 42”
Will match the phrase § 42
With partial matches enabled you could also search for “s 42”

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